Halo Infinite Launch Day – All The Details

The big day is here. Hallelujah! Halo Infinite in its entirety will be available to download.

But what time does it drop? And how big is this thing? Well, read on…

With a multiplayer that has already been bestowed with great praise from seemingly all quarters, the anticipation for the Halo Infinite campaign is palpable. It’s been a while since I remember a game generating such a buzz, and to be honest I never expected that game would be from the Halo franchise. Yet here we are.

When Does Halo Infinite Release?

Today! Wednesday, December 8. But the time you can begin to grab the game is location dependant and sit as follows:

  • UK: 6pm (GMT)
  • Europe 7pm (CEST)
  • US East Coast: 1pm (EST)
  • US West Coast: 10am (PST)

As we see, those lucky enough to live on the west coast of the USA will be pulling a sick day and playing from 10 am, the lucky bastards! Meanwhile, us suckers in the UK and Europe will be sitting up into the wee small hours and phoning in our sick day for Thursday.

Halo Infinite release times

Halo Infinite Download Size

The campaign pre-load is available now on PC whether you have purchased the game or grabbed it through Game Pass and demands a considerable 62GB download spot on the hard drive.

However, those of us playing on Xbox are still waiting for the option to materialise on console. Keep those eyes peeled through the day for this option to go live. It is expected to be in the same 62GB range as the PC version, and keep in mind this is on top of the 25GB multiplayer size.

But hey, we gamers are a notoriously patient bunch right?..right?

Meanwhile, whilst waiting how about nipping over here to check out why we believe you should get Halo Infinite into your system right away.

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