New Xbox Documentary Now Free To View

A new documentary series to celebrate 20-years of Xbox gaming is available and free-to-view. Titled Power-On, the series spans the many highs and lows from the first two decades of the Xbox console.

What’s more, rather than simply spinning us a yarn about how great Xbox is and how it never fails to deliver big-time gaming fun, Power-On digs into some of the drama and low points of the console’s ride. This includes a chapter titled – Red Ring of Death. Remember that? How could we ever forget!

The old three rings of total death were to curse many an Xbox 360 owner. What followed the dreaded curse was your packaged console being shipped to Germany for a roughly two-to-three-week holiday where it would either be returned repaired, or replaced. My own console spent so much time overseas it would greet me every morning with a jaunty, ‘Guten Morgen.’

Anyhow, back to the documentary. The series runs across six 40-minute episodes that digs deep into many well-known tales and some lesser-known nuggets from the dusty corridors of Xbox recent past. The entire series is free and can be found on YouTube, IMDb TV, Roku, Redbox, or direct from MS itself.

Check out the trailer below.

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