Succession Penultimate Episode – Where Are The Roy Kids?

The third phenomenal season of Succession is almost at an end. It has been another wild ride of meltdowns, shady bastards, dodgy sexual encounters, razor-tongued put-downs and grim betrayal. And that’s just in the Roy family circle.

But now with the end nigh, we look at where everyone is, going into the final countdown.


Man what a ride this guy has endured. Not just this season either, the whole frickin’ run has largely pissed all over Kendall’s promised parade but going in to the finalĂ© he’s in one of his darkest places to date.

Having come into the season all guns blazing and seemingly bulletproof he has gently unravelled before our very eyes. To be fair, his front seemed exactly like that, a front. A persona he played for his crew. It didn’t take long for his shields to be breached. And as the credits on episode eight rolled we left him lying face down on a lilo in a pool, face in the water gently exhaling.

It echoed of course to Logan brutally asking him how long Andrew Dodds (the kid who died in the car crash in England when Ken was driving) had spent in the water inhaling and slowly drowning. Ken made a final play for freedom from family Roy as a beaten man seeking his Dad to buy him out and let him go. But Logan wasn’t for playing nice and as ever things between them plummeted fast.

Ken enters the final outing as a man seemingly on the edge. A lost kid again. We have seen him lost before. Season one after losing the bid to dethrone his Dad from Waystar. Season two after the death of Andrew Dodds. And now as an outcast from the family.

What Next for Ken?

What is there left for him? How can he come back? Although maybe the only way is up from rock bottom. Ken’s spot is the fuzziest. His business plans lie in tatters, his life much the same and his mental state is fragile, to say the least. Will Succession dare kill off a main character. It would be a hell of a way to close on a bang, but it would also remove one of the most interesting elements at play in this magnificent chess match.


Oh shit. He fucked up big time. And after playing such a blinder all season as well! One misjudged dick pic and the whole world unravels – story of many lives I’m sure. Although he did accidentally send it to his Dad. The season has been strong for young Rome. He seemed to have not only replaced outgoing brother Kendall, but he also managed to rise above sister, Shiv in Logan’s eyes as a genuine contender for the crown. Then he hit send.

He had another good show beforehand. Bringing Mattson and his GoJo empire to the table for talks with Waystar was a good play that highlighted underneath the snark and snide lurks a solid business brain. And he has swanned about the place with additional swagger lately. But now in the wake of dick-gate he is stumbling. His face upon realisation that the image of his old man went to his old man was priceless and cemented ever more that never before has anyone been as perfectly cast as Kieron Culkin was.

We left him under the wrath of his Dad with much of his previous good work undone.

What Next for Roman?

I guess this is down to Logan and probably Gerri. Shiv is twisting the knife having seen an opportunity to get back to the top but Roman has made it easy for her. Whichever way this rolls it looks like being a bad day at the office for Roman.


Shiv has had a relatively rough season. I mean in comparison to Ken, or hubby Tom, or Greg to a large extent, then she’s had a whale of a time, but in the world of Shiv where the only destination is the very top, then she’s had a rough one.

Still clamouring for true recognition from Logan – perhaps Roman was on the mark when he told her she is overlooked because she is a woman – and still wholly wrapped up in her affairs to the point she had little sympathy for Tom when prison was on the agenda for him, Shiv has floundered. Right up until the moment Roman hit send on his penis pic. That fuck up by Rome opened the window of opportunity for Shiv. And she jumped through it.

She made her moves quickly, insisting to Gerri that she really needs to go to HR and make a sexual harassment complaint against Roman, thus putting little brother in a tighter spot. She got in Logan’s ear about how Roman is basically a messed up kid with little business running a business. And for the first time in a season, she seems to be emerging on top.

What Next for Shiv?

Based on the close of episode 8, Shiv is finally getting a little chin on her swings. She punching alright, and with the way other cookies are crumbling she might just have a fighting chance. She’s also a woman with some fire in her belly after a shitty chat with her Mum about kids, and the consistent lack of faith shown by Logan. Is this Shiv’s big moment?


Well, fuck it, Con’s going to be president! Man if ever a character actually had a solid season throughout it was Connor. At one point he even seemed to be getting taken seriously as a future president of the USA! Despite less screen time in general, Connor has been good value. Willa seems to give him confidence to stand up for himself in the face of being mocked as a laughing stock by his family. A bit-part player now looking for more of the pie, Connor is finally taking no shit….well, less shit.

In terms of Waystar, however, he is still on the outside looking in. How much impact he will have on the closing scenes of another bumper season is debatable. The fish he has to fry are elsewhere. He did asks Willa to marry him, and she did say, ‘I’ll think about it.’

What Next for Connor?

Honestly, I hope he comes out on top. He is a good guy in a house of rats. At least, he’s an okay guy. With the backing of his Con-Heads perhaps he will one day make president, but more likely he makes it because his old man needs to use the power he will have. Whatever, that seems a distant future – season 4/5 maybe – but for now he just needs to hang fire for an answer from Willa and keep his head down.

The Others…


Sadly, for the large part Greg has been little more than comedy value in the season. Sure, we still root for him and we hated Kendall sticking the knife in, but Greg seems less influential now than he ever did before. But he’s happy and that’s cool.


Tom is a man in crisis. This is pretty normal for Tom. He doesn’t believe Shiv loves him and he has doubts that she is good for his mental state. He has escaped prison time but still finds himself unhappy with his lot in life. I want him to remember the moments where he found his balls and cast Shiv aside, get together with Greg and the two can head off on an epic road trip that becomes the greatest comedy movie spin-off of all-time! Yeah! But he’ll probably keep towing the line. And at least he has finally found himself in Logan’s good books after offering to take the fall for the cruises shit.


Logan has moved from a man under the weight of the world, to a man who couldn’t give a fuck about the world or anyone in it. So, normal service is resumed then. He is back to his unflappable, swearing best where his only hiccups are largely due to shit like Roman sending Gerri that Dick pic, Kendall being a total moron a lot of the time, Shiv’s desire to rule, and Connor being Connor. He’s back on top of the tree and it’s like the cruises and DoJ stuff never happened.

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