The Apocalyptic Mr Prepper Coming To Xbox

Following a successful debut on PC, apocalyptic survival crafting adventure extravaganza, Mr. Prepper is primed to launch on Xbox platforms.

Players build an underground shelter and enter a desperate fight for survival as all hell breaks loose up top.

Developed by Polish studio, Rejected Games, Mr. Prepper made its Steam debut in March to much acclaim all round. A currently impressive 84% positive feedback from over two and a half thousand reviews is testament to game that might just deserve a little Xbox love in the coming days and weeks.

So, who is Mr. Prepper?

Well, he’s a man well-prepared for worst case scenarios, such as the apocalyptic one he is living beneath in this game. What we get as players is a game that uses elements of survival and crafting in a bid to ensure we make it through the impending nuclear war. So far, so what, right? However, the beauty of Mr. Prepper comes largely from the building and upgrading of the underground shelter which uses a unique construction system.

All the above is served with a side of humour and intrigue.

Maciej Latocha, CEO at Rejected Games, said, ‘A prepper’s life requires cleverness, foresight, mindfulness and a tactical approach. The gameplay we designed is varied and addictive. After all, the shelter must be properly managed – it needs to be expanded with new rooms, necessary items and installations. You also need to trade with your neighbours, and make sure that your secrets do not come to light.’

Sounds good!

The game launches on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One on December 10. PlayStation 5, PS4 and Nintendo Switch will get a version in 2022.

Mr. Prepper – main features:

  • survival with elements of crafting and adventure;
  • building an underground shelter;
  • dystopian atmosphere and unique storyline;
  • trade, exploration, rocket building;
  • 20-30 hours of fun.

Mr. Prepper (Microsoft Store):

Mr. Prepper (Steam):

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